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Manicure - Enjoy nails that are beautiful and long-lasting, in a variety of colors and styles!


       Solar Nails - This is a special form of acrylic treatment that extends the size of your nails with less damage to the nail underneath. It layers acrylic directly onto your natural nail, allowing a longer period of time to pass before needing fillers.


       Shellac Nails - Shellac nails will last longer without chipping - up to two weeks without needing a new manicure! 

       Dip Powder - This technique is faster than traditional acrylics and exposes the client to no toxic fumes.

       SNS (Signature Nail Systems) - This technique gives the appearance of gel nails without exposure to UV light

       Next Gen Nails - This powder technique provides the hardness of a gel manicure without exposing the client to UV light.


Pedicure - You'll enjoy a pedicure in one of our relaxing pedicures with a view of Avalon's beautiful gardens.

Massage - Relax with a full body, deep tissue massage. Great for athletes, the general stressed, and anyone who wants to feel all around better!

Waxing - Looking to have brows that are on fleek? Stop by for a quick touch up with our wax specialists.

Facial - Improve the overall feel and health of your skin with a facial. Guaranteed to make you look better and feel better!

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